“Removal of the sunken German fleet from the Danube near Prahovo” related Meeting Held

Today saw a meeting in the Innovative – Educational Park of the Serbian Mine Action Centre in Velika Moštanica concerning the project “Removal of the sunken German fleet from the Danube near Prahovo”.

The meeting was organized as part of regular activities in order to exchange information on the further implementation of the project developed by the SMAC.

The Assistant Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, Predrag Petrović, was present on behalf of the investors, together with his associates, representatives of the contractors, the consortium of companies “Millennium Team” and “Aqua Mont”, from the supervision side, representatives of “Enova SEE” DOO and representatives of the Serbian Mine Action Centre.

After the presentation of SMAC Director, Bojan Glamočlija, there was a recapitulation of the previous monthly meeting, followed by the further plans for the implementation of the project, the program of works and the environmental aspects of the Project.

SMAC participated on February 22, 2024 in the ADCI Middle East Chapter Meeting, as a member of the International Association of Professional Divers (Association of Diving Contractors International – ADCI), which was held in Fujairah (United Arab Emirates), at which, among other things, there were discussions about diving safety, underwater demining and the impact on the environment.

According to the new findings in this area, we contribute to the improvement of further cooperation in order to jointly succeed in solving the problems of UXO contaminated underwater areas in the Republic of Serbia.

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