About Us

The Mine Action Centre (SMAC) was established in 2002, at first as a federal authority within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and in 2003, through а decision by the Government of the Republic of Serbia, it became the republic body, first as the Service of the Government, and later on as a separate organization.

The scope of the work of the SMAC has been determined by the Law on Ministries and with the formation of each new government, the relevant article of the Law on Ministries, defines the scope of the work of the SMAC. SMAC employs trained staff and is technically equipped to perform the tasks assigned to it accordingly by the Law. The Government of the Republic of Serbia adopts the Work Plan of the SMAC, as well as the Annual Report on the work of the SMAC.

Director of the SMAC is appointed by the Government and they have the status of a civil servant holding position. The funds for the work of SMAC are allocated from the Serbian state budget. Salaries and other contributions of employees and civil servant holding position have been defined by the Law on Salaries of Civil Servants and State Employees.

Director of the Serbian Mine Action Center (SMAC) is Bojan Glamočlija, who manages and plans the work of the SMAC; provides expert guidance; coordinates and supervises the work of civil servants in the SMAC; carries out tasks of European integrations; realizes international cooperation from the scope of the SMAC; provides transparency and access to information of public importance; performs other tasks in accordance with the Law.

The first clearance operations in Serbia, in accordance with the International Mine Action Standards (IMAS), were organized in 2003. SMAC, among other things, conducts survey of locations suspected of being contaminated by cluster munitions, landmines and other unexploded ordnance, develops projects for humanitarian demining and follows the implementation of these projects, conducts quality control of works, achieves international cooperation, follows application of international standards and execution of international contracts and other works determined by the Law.

Demining operations in accordance with the International Mine Action Standards (IMAS) conduct specialized companies and other organizations that are registered for such works, and which are technically equipped and employ adequate staff.

Tender procedures for the selection of contractors for implementation of humanitarian demining/clearance projects funded by international donations conduct donors, as a rule with the participation of international foundations through which they channel their funds. In other cases, tender procedures are conducted by an investor.