Technical Survey Project of “Bujanovac-North” Site Completed

The project for technical survey of the “Bujanovac North” (Đorđevac 1) site, total area of ​​122,200 m2, was developed by the SMAC in order to confirm or reject the suspicion that the project area is contaminated with groups of mines and other unexploded ordnance (UXO).

The final quality control was carried out on February 28, 2024, after which a certificate was issued by the SMAC that the area covered by this project is safe for further use and as such handed over to the Municipality of Bujanovac.

During the implementation of this project, one 82mm mortar mine was found and safely destroyed.

The project was financed with the funds allocated by the Government of the Republic of Serbia for humanitarian demining operations in the Municipality of Bujanovac, which were increased by the funds from the US Government and the Government of the Republic of Korea, through ITF Enhancing Human Security.

The implementation of this project is of great importance for safety of the local population, but also for the fulfillment of international obligations that Serbia undertook according to the AP Mine Ban Convention.

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