Successfully Completed EOD 3+ (Advanced Explosive Theory) Training in Cooperation with “DRAKON Group” and SMAC

During the two-week intensive training program, from May 13 to 24, 2024, the EOD 3+ training organized by “DRAKON Group” and the SMAC was successfully completed.

This training, conducted by experienced instructors of the company “DRAKON Group”, provided the participants with the opportunity to engage in simulated scenarios and practical exercises, which resulted in them being trained for various operational challenges in real situations.

The trainees had the opportunity to work with an “x-ray” device for examining found explosive ordnance, which was shown to them by experts from the Military Technical Institute.

In addition, at the demolition range of the Technical Test Center of the Serbian Army in Nikinci, the participants successfully carried out in real conditions exercises related to various demolition techniques.

Collaboration between the company “DRAKON Group” and the SMAC in conducting training is a key factor for improving operational efficiency and safety.

Through the implementation of trainings, participants from different countries of the world gain valuable experience and necessary skills in working with dangerous substances, which results in the reduction of the risk of accidents and facilitates faster and more efficient action, contributing to the reduction of the danger to the local population and to the general stability of affected areas.


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