Opening of Innovation-Educational Park

On the 9th February 2024, Vice-President of the Government of Serbia and Minister of Defense Miloš Vučević, in the presence of Minister of Interior Bratislav Gašić, opened the Innovation-Еducational Park in the field of mine action.

The Innovation-Еducational Park is the former military complex “Velika Moštanica”, comprising 16 buildings on а 3 hectare area, which the Ministry of Defense handed over to the SMAC in July 2023 by the Government’s decision.

With the support of the Ministry of Finance and the provision of budget funds, as well as the donations, the reconstruction of classrooms, premises and training sites was started, which, among other things, will be used for delivery of mine action related training courses in accordance with IMAS.

At the ceremony held in the newly formed educational complex in Velika Moštanica, SMAC Director Bojan Glamočlija presented Minister of Defense Miloš Vučević with a plaque of gratitude for the promotion of mine action in the Republic of Serbia and selfless support and assistance to the work and development of the Center.

On this occasion a display of demining equipment and tools was organized at the training site with the local demining companies (Millennium Team ltd., PMC Engineering ltd., Aqua Mont Service ltd., NGO Stop Mines, NGO IN Demining).

Among the guests were representatives of the Ministry of Defense, the Serbian Army, the Ministry of Interior, the embassies of the USA and the Republic of Korea, ITF Enhancing Human Security and other stakeholders who in the previous period supported the efforts of the Republic of Serbia in the field of humanitarian demining and mine action.

Establishment of the Innovation-Educational Park, will enable SMAC, in cooperation with the relevant institutions of the Republic of Serbia, with commitment and hard work, to continue with the enhancement of mine action activities in the territory of our country and beyond, and thus contribute to the strengthening of the reputation and peaceful position of the Republic of Serbia in the world.

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