Completion of IMAS EOD Level 3 Training in Joint Cooperation by SMAC and DRAKON Group

On May 3, 2024, the four week IMAS EOD Level 3 training course was completed, which was jointly organized by the SMAC and the UK based company DRAKON Group.

Training course for students from Ethiopia, South Sudan, Jordan and France was held in the classroom and the attached training grounds, within the SMAC Innovation and Educational Park, in Velika Moštanica.

As part of this training, training session for the use of unmanned aerial vehicles was also held in cooperation with the Academy of Technical-Educational Vocational Studies from Niš.

Successful trainees were awarded internationally recognized certificates and are now qualified as IMAS EOD 3 operators.

Thanks to the joint cooperation of the SMAC and DRAKON Group, the third in a row training in the Republic of Serbia was successfully implemented, which aims to enable participants, through the acquired knowledge and skills, to perform demanding demining work, in accordance with the highest international standards in this field.

As a reminder, on September 29, 2023, the two-week IMAS EOD training level 3+, advanced explosives theory course, which was, for the first time, jointly organized by the SMAC and the UK based company “DRAKON Group”, was completed, followed by EOD Level 1/2 training course, in the period 15 January – 02 February 2024.

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