Commencement of “New Cemetery – Mogila 1” Project in Požarevac

On Wednesday, October 11, 2023, contractor NGO “IN Demining” (Pale, Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina) was introduced into works of clearing explosive remnants of war at the location “New Cemetary – Mogila 1”, No. 0243/21, Požarevac, according to the project developed at the request of the PUC “Communal Services by Serbian Mine Action Centre, which monitors the implementation and performs quality control over the works.

At the very location “New Cemetary – Mogila 1”, which is located northeast about 3 kilometers from the City of Požarevac, during the execution of burials and the construction of graves and ranges, the workers of the PUC “Communal Services” Požarevac, on several occasions found ERW or parts of EW- and, during which the police secured the found devices that the members of the SEctor for Emergency Management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Serbia removed and destroyed, and acted on each spot task.

The location was originally owned by the Serbian Army until 2011, when it became the property of the City of Požarevac and was previously known as “Barutana” (gunpowder magazine).

The implementation of the project will enable the workers of the PUC “Communal Services” Požarevac to safely carry out burials and make graves.

Upon clearance completion, the danger posed by ERW to people and the environment will be eliminated, and it will contribute to the increase of the safety of residents and creating opportunities for safe land use and infrastructural development.

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