AP Mine Ban Convention Implementation Support Unit Mission to Serbia

In the period 30-31 January 2024, representative from AP Mine Ban Convention Implementation Support Unit visited the Serbian Mine Action Centre concerning the process of submission of extension request of the Republic of Serbia for the fulfilment of Article 5 obligations.

ISU representative has had the opportunity to receive information concerning the current situation in Serbia regarding the implementation of its obligations under Article 5, as well as its challenges and need for support.

He also visited SMAC Training Centre in Velika Moštanica – the former military compound “Velika Moštanica”, which was in the Master Plan of the Serbian Armed Forces, and which, by the Government’s Conclusion, the Ministry of Defense handed over to the SMAC. At the time of his visit the delivery of IMAS EOD Level1/2 was in progress.

We would like to thank ISU for visiting Serbia and for providing expert advice and support to SMAC concerning the extension request process and raising awareness of the international community about the mine problem in the Republic of Serbia.

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