An Analysis of Activities and Results in 2023

On December 18, 2023, in the Innovative Education Park in Velika Moštanica, SMAC organized a working meeting for mine action stakeholders in the Republic of Serbia, which continued with an appropriate cocktail.

The Innovative Education Park is a former military complex, which the Ministry of Defense, by the Government’s Conclusion, handed over to SMAC in July 2023. With the support of the Ministry of Finance and the provision of budget funds, as well as donations, the restoration of classrooms and offices has begun, as well as the reconstruction of training site, which, among other things, will be used for organizing and conducting mine action related trainings in accordance with international mine action standards.

The working meeting was attended by representatives of the General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces – Operations Directorate (J-3), Military Academy of the University of Defense in Belgrade, Sector for Emergency Management, Human Resource Management Service of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, Academy of Technical-Educational Vocational Studies from Niš, as well as demining companies, which were engaged in the previous period in demining projects in the Republic of Serbia.

The participants had the opportunity to analyze together with SMAC the activities and results achieved in 2023 – implemented projects, trainings, participation in meetings in the country and abroad, which contributed, among other things, to strengthening of capacities in this area and networking of mine action subjects and academic community.

On this occasion, SMAC Director, Mr Bojan Glamočlija, presented SMAC Work Plan for 2024 with a focus on further development of the Innovative Education Park and the continuation of the improvement of mine action activities in the territory of our country and beyond, in cooperation with relevant stakeholders from the country and abroad.

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