Final Quality Control On “Sloboda Čačak 9” Project

Аs a follow up activity of the implementation of UXO Clearance Project for “Sloboda Čačak 9” Site, on the 27th December 2023, Serbian Mine Action Centre conducted quality control of the works for the part of the site where the contractor Millennium Team ltd. and subcontractors Arm razminiranje ltd. and NGO IN Demining conducted clearance to a 50 cm depth.

On this occasion, the control did not establish any critical errors defined by this Project.

During the execution of the works, contractor “Millennium Team” ltd., Belgrade, found 24 pieces of UXO, which were safely disposed by the Sector for Emergency Management.

In the previous period, also at the request of company “Sloboda” a.d. Čačak, which is also the investor of the works, SMAC developed 8 clearance projects at sites where UXO was scattered after the explosion and fire.

After clearing UXO from these sites, danger they pose, first of all, to people and the environment will be eliminated and it will contribute to increasing the safety of residents and creating opportunities for safe use of agricultural land.

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