Cadets of the Military Academy visiting the Innovation – Educational Park of the Mine Action Centre

To the satisfaction of mutual cooperation, on Tuesday, April 2, 2024, the cadets of the Military Academy visited the Innovation – Educational Park of the Mine Action Centre in Velika Moštanica.

Bojan Glamočlija, director of the Mine Action Centre, welcomed the guests, among whom were more than 90 cadets.

All cadets, together with their professors and commanding officers, had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the work of the Mine Action Centre through three work points.

After visiting the premises, they got acquainted with the competences of the Centre, International Mine Action Standards and legal frameworks for mine action, international conventions and medical aspect of those injured by ERW.

At the training ground, they got acquainted with the presentation of the work site, techniques and procedures for battle area clearance, as well as the presentation of the techniques and procedures of demining and the principles of deminers work in the work lanes.

The third and final point of today’s visit for the cadets was the familiarization and working principle of the MAGNEX 120LW detector, the procedures and techniques of field recording up to 6 meters depth and data processing.

This visit was preceded by a joint lecture at the Military Academy by a representative of the Mine Action Centre and a professor of the Academy of Technical-Educational Vocational Studies from Niš, with which the Centre cooperates exceptionally in the matter of innovations in mine action in the Republic of Serbia.

Expressing his satisfaction with the meeting and the opportunity for cadets to visit the Innovation-Educational Park, Director Bojan Glamočlija emphasized that this type of cooperation should be continued in the future.

The Innovation-Educational Park established in the former military complex in Velika Moštanica has gained new importance and a purpose that is of great importance for the development and application of innovations in mine action as well as the implementation of professional training in accordance with international standards for humanitarian demining.

One of the tasks of the Mine Action Centre is the development of training in the field of mine action and innovative solutions with the possibility of testing equipment. At this training, the cadets were introduced to the most modern programs and processes based on a proven and effective combination of theory and practice.

The visit of the students of the Military Academy made the day special because the Serbian Armed Forces sent their staff, who will in the future represent the well-known slogan “Honor is our asset, and knowledge is the key weapon”, in its former barracks, which bears witness to a certain time of some previous classes.

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