Completion of “Ponikve Airport – 6” Project

On Monday, April 29, 2024, the final quality control of the cleared area was performed on the Cluster Munitions Clearance Project for the “Airport Ponikve – 6” Site, area 152,600 m2, City of Užice.

On that occasion, no critical errors determined by this Project were found, and thus the conditions for the completion of the field works were met.

Funds for the implementation of the mentioned project were provided from the budget of the Republic of Serbia, which, through ITF Enhancing Human Security, were increased by donations from the Government of the USA and the Government of the Republic of Korea.

The works were carried out by NGO STOP Mines, Pale, Republic of Srpska – BiH, the subcontractor was NGO “IN Demining”, Pale, Republic of Srpska – BiH, while the monitoring organization, which was engaged by donors and the ITF, was the company Eksploring ltd., Mostar, BiH.

During the implementation of the Project, the following ERW were found and safely demolished: 11 pieces of MK 1 cluster bombs, 20 pieces of 20mm grenades, 20mm grenade bullet, 2 pieces of IR decoys and one 40mm lighter.

Airport clearance projects are not only security issues, but also a key step for the development of infrastructure and economy in this region.

Implementation of the Project resulted in danger cluster munitions pose to the local population and the environment being eliminated.

At the same time, the implemnation of this and other projects will contribute to the creation of opportunities for safe air traffic, as well as to enhance tourism and economic progress in the Republic of Serbia.

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