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Organizational Chart

Graphical representation of the organizational structure of the Mine Action Centre:

Organizational Chart

Internal organization and job classification of the Mine Action Centre has been determined by the Rulebook on Internal Organization and Job Classification of the Mine Action Centre, No.: 110-00-1/2016-01, dated 8 February 2016, which the Government adopted by Conclusion 05 No.110-3451/2016-01 dated 31 March 2016.

To perform duties within the scope of the works of the Mine Action Centre, eight working posts with eight civil servants have been systematized by this Rulebook, as follows:

Civil servants holding position:

- Director of the Centre (one civil servant)

Executive working posts:

- One working post as a lead adviser (one civil servant);

- Two working posts as a senior adviser (two civil servants);

- Three working posts as an advisor (three civil servants) and

- One working post as an officer (one civil servants).